These photographs were taken to document making the film. Please watch the film here.

'Wherever I Lay my Hat' (2014), explores issues connected to housing, equality and community through using Bathos. I embody the character Charlene Chaplin- a pregnant young woman camping outside of the demolished Heygate Estate in Peckham (a site that once housed 3,000 people). The film references the slapstick comedy of Charlie Chaplin's 'The Vagabond' (1916) to highlight contemporary issues connected with poverty, inequality and social stereotyping. Charlene's tent is a shelter that becomes a dress, symbolising how a place to live is both a site of protection and deeply connected to a sense of belonging and therefore identity. The film was made for a Pop- Up gallery and activist centre on Wells Way in Peckham and was inspired by the 'Campmuters' (Christian Koch, The Evening Standard) in neighbouring Burgess park.