Here are a series of vests designed for the lead singer of the Night Jars. The first design features the lead singer as a Sumurai warrior and is inspired by Utagawa school wood cuts. I first made Lino prints, then made silk screens and screen printed the outline of the design before hand painting with fabric paint. Subsequent vests were hand screen printed. The mask was also made for the singer's performances on stage.

I also make hand dyed, hand painted shirts and African fabric shirts from my own patterns and there are some other works in progress in this section.

I make furniture from scratch (see the oak stool) and up-cycle furniture too (see the painted chair which I found broken and rotting on the street and fixed up). I made the ring from a sea worn piece of ceramic I found in Limehouse basin. 

The hand made and hand embroidered purse was something I made as an exemplar piece (and as my own kind of psycho-social activity) during my time helping in the refugee camps in Greece.